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Create an OSC fixture type

  1. Tap on Fixture Types in the Show Editor

  2. Tap to add a fixture type

  3. Tap Create OSC in the top right corner

  4. Type in the name of the new fixture type

  5. Tap Ok

  6. Fill in the appropriate OSC settings

  7. Set the appropriate Speed Presets

  8. Tap Ok

  9. Tap and tap upload to server
    Note: Upload to server will affect the current show

  10. shows successful upload

Type in the name of your OSC fixture type

Short Name
Type in a short name of your OSC fixture type. This short name will be used as a default fixture patch name.

Set OSC unicast target IP Adress and the used Port

Adress String
The address string has the following structure:

PRESTRING can be chosen freely
POSTSTRING can be chosen freely

- ACTOR_DMX (send the DMX ID of the assigned Actor)
- ACTOR_NAME (send the name of the assigned Actor)
- FIXTURE_NAME (send the name of the OSC Fixture)
- FIXTURE_DESCRIPTION (send the Description of the OSC Fixture)

Set the outgoing data format:
- Absolute Millimeters (int)
- Absolute Meters (float)
- Absolute Round Meters (int)
- Range (open an advanced window)
- Grid 2D

Axis Output
Choose the order of the transmitting data

Send Mode
Send only on change
is only transmitting data if there is a change of the position

Coordinate System
If the desired OSC System has a different coordinate system, there is the opportunity to create a new coordinate System. Anchor or CPs can be used to set the new coordinate system.

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