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Set up the LEICA Disto S910

  1. Mount the Leica Disto S910 on the tripod mount and the tripod

  2. Place the tripod on a position on stage where you are able to reach the origin, the X+ axis mark and as many anchors and cp calibration points as possible with the laser.

  3. Level the tripod

  4. Turn ON the Leica Disto S910 and open up a WIFI Hotspot on the Leica Disto S910

  5. Press FUNC on the Leica Disto S910

  6. Tap in the right bottom corner and press = on the keyboard
    Note: If the Leica Disto S910 is connected correctly, the Leica calibration will start automatically now.

  7. Level the Leica Disto S910

  8. Connect the tablet to the Leica WIFI Hotspot

  9. Open the zactrack APP on the zactrack tablet

  10. Go to Show Editor and tap Points on the bottom

  11. Tap Disto Status

  12. Tap Discover to get the current ip address of the Leica S910 Disto and tap Ok

  13. The Leica Disto S910 is now ready for measuring


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