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Set up the zactrack Puck

zactrack Puck

Connect zactrack Puck to zactrack WIFI

  1. Turn on the zactrackPuck with the switch at the bottom.

  2. The LED indicates the state (green flashing → connected to network)

  3. The zactrackPuck is now ready for fixture alignment

Note: If the LED indicates blue continiously → no known wifi network is found and own zactrackPuck WIFI will be enabled. Klick the following link to Configuration of zactrack Puck WIFI network

Standard settings of zactrack Puck

  • SSID: zactrack
  • pwd: → password is listed on provided login sheet
  • ip address:
  • Standard Gateway
  • Subnet:

Configuration of zactrack Puck WIFI network

If the LED shines continous blue search for a zactrackPuck network on your device.

  1. Connect your device to the network and wait for a few seconds.

  2. A pop-up brings you to the zactrackPuck config window. (You can type in your browser to go there manually)

  3. Press the Button to scan for availabe networks.
  4. Choose a network by tapping on it or entering the SSID.
    Put in the password and tap save.
    Note: If your desired network is not shown you can hit the scan button to rescan or enter the SSID and password manually.

  1. List of all available networks (Standard WIFI → “zactrack”)
  2. Credentials of chosen network
  3. zactrack Puck network settings (default settings should remain unchanged)

If the configuration succeeded the following dialog comes up:

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