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Upload / Download Show

zactrack uses a server / client architecture. The actual showfile runs on the zactrack SERVER and will be created and edited on the zactrack TABLET. Every new uploaded showfile will be saved locally on the SERVER. You have access to all showfiles of the past.

The following icons which are located in the top right corner inside the zactrack 3 APP indicate the synchronisation status of the SERVER and TABLET showfile.
In Sync… Show files of tablet and zactrack CORE are synchronised
No Sync-Newer… Show file of tablet is newer than of zactrack CORE - NOT IN SYNC
No Sync-Older… Show file of tablet is older than of zactrack CORE - NOT IN SYNC

!! NOTE: For safety reasons all changes are stored locally on the zactrack client (tablet). The running show won’t be affected until the client version will be manually uploaded to the zactrack CORE!

Upload / Download Show

  • Tap on one of these icons to open the “Upload / Download Show” section
    • In Sync
    • No Sync-Newer
    • No Sync-Older

  • Tap choose version to download an older showfile or pick specific elements of older showfiles
  • Choose the specific show which you want to download

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