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Create an OSC fixture type

  • Tap on Fixture Types in the Show Editor

  • Tap to add a fixture type

  • Tap Create OSC in the top right corner

  • Type in the name of the new fixture type

  • Tap Ok

  • Fill in the appropriate OSC settings

  • Set the appropriate Speed Presets

  • Tap Ok

  • Tap and tap upload to server
    Note: Upload to server will affect the current show

  • shows successful upload

Type in the name of your OSC fixture type

Short Name
Type in a short name of your OSC fixture type. This short name will be used as a default fixture patch name.

Set OSC unicast target IP Adress and the used Port

Adress String
The address string has the following structure:

PRESTRING can be chosen freely
POSTSTRING can be chosen freely

- ACTORDMX (send the DMX ID of the assigned Actor)
NAME (send the name of the assigned Actor)
- FIXTURENAME (send the name of the OSC Fixture)
DESCRIPTION (send the Description of the OSC Fixture)

Set the outgoing data format:
- Absolute Millimeters (int)
- Absolute Meters (float)
- Absolute Round Meters (int)
- Range (open an advanced window)
- Grid 2D

Axis Output
Choose the order of the transmitting data

Send Mode
Send only on change
is only transmitting data if there is a change of the position

Coordinate System
If the desired OSC System has a different coordinate system, there is the opportunity to create a new coordinate System. Anchor or CPs can be used to set the new coordinate system.

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