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zactrack manual

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System Overview
Safety Standards
Hardware Overview
Software Overview
UWB Radiotracking




zactrack 3 APP

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Add actors

Each zacTag you want to use with zactrack has to be registered in the show editor

  1. Go to section “Actors” in the Show Editor 

  2. Tap to add a new actor

  3. Type in a name of the actor and tap create

  4. Type in an unique DMX value
    Note: With this identification number you are able to assign this actor to a fixture on the console (For more information go to: Console patching)

  5. Type in the unique Tracking ID of the tag

  6. Pick the appropriate input control universe to change target height and speed presets from console

  7. Pick a color to identify the tag in the live view

  8. Use “Merge” to use multiple physical zacTags as one
    Note: You are able to merge as many zacTags as you want.

  9. Tap and tap upload to server
    NOTE: “Upload to server” will affect the current show

  10. shows successful upload

Type in the name of the actor

DMX Value (1..255)
DMX Value of which the zacTag will be assigned from the console.

Example: DMX Value 1
Lighting console sends the DMX Value 1 → zacTag is activated and fixture will follow the position of this particular zacTag
Lighting console sends the DMX Value 0 → No zacTags activated → Fixture can be used as a standard fixture without tracking.

Tracking ID
Unique tracking ID of a zacTag. This ID is labeled on the back of each zacTag.

Control Universe
Input universe coming from the console

Channel # (1…512)
DMX start address of the patched zacTag fixture on the console

Pick a random colour which represents the actor in the Live View

Toggle Merge to use multiple physical zacTags as one because of backup and steadiness reasons
Note: You are able to merge as many zacTags as you want.

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