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zactrack manual

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System Overview
Safety Standards
Hardware Overview
Software Overview
UWB Radiotracking




zactrack 3 APP

Autofunctions APP

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Upload / Download Show

zactrack uses a server / client architecture. The actual show file runs on the zactrack SERVER, but the zactrack APP on the tablet creates and manipulates the show file. Due to this, every change of the show file needs to be pushed/uploaded to the zactrack SERVER.

!! NOTE: For safety reasons all changes are stored locally on the zactrack APP (TABLET). You have to trigger a download or an upload of the show file manually. The running show won’t be affected until the local show file will be manually uploaded to the zactrack SERVER!

Every uploaded show file will be saved locally on the zactrack SERVER. You have access to all show files of the past.

The following icons located in the top right corner inside the zactrack APP indicate the different synchronization states of the SERVER and APP show files.
In Syncshow files of zactrack APP and SERVER are synchronized
No Sync-Newer… The local show file in your zactrack APP is newer than the one on the zactrack SERVER → THE SHOW FILES ARE NOT IN SYNC
No Sync-Older… The loaal show file in your zactrack APP is older than the one on the zactrack SERVER → THE SHOW FILES ARE NOT IN SYNC

Upload / Download Show

  • Tap on one of these icons to open the “Upload / Download Show” dialog shown below
    • In Sync
    • No Sync-Newer
    • No Sync-Older

Uploading: For uploading a new show file to the zactrack SERVER tap the Upload to Server button.

Downloading: For downloading the show file from the zactrack SERVER tap the Download from Server button.

Specific Download: You can download an older show file or parts of it by

  • tapping choose version to download an older show file or pick specific elements of older show files,
  • choosing the specific show (parts) you want to download, and
  • tap the Import button.

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