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Export Show

Reach this dialog via the menu.

  • Enter the desired file name into the text field. The default name contains the name of the current show as well as the current date and time.

  • Choose between two show file formats:

    • Zactrack Native: Smaller, more efficient binary format that is not human-readable, but can be saved, loaded and transfered very easily.
      Note: Always choose this format if human readability is not important.

    • Json: Bigger, less efficient, but human-readable format.

  • There are two ways of exporting your show file:

    • Click Save to save the file to the default zactrack show directory (/storage/emulated/0/Zactrack/Shows).

    • Click Share to share the file with any suitable application. By using appropriate software, this can be used to, for example, store the file in any arbitrary location or upload it directly to Google Drive.
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