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Create a custom fixture type

  1. Tap on Fixture Types in the Show Editor

  2. Tap to add a fixture type

  3. Tap on create custom in the top right corner

  4. Type in the name of the new fixture type

  5. Tap Ok

  6. Fill in the appropriate fixture type settings

  7. Set the appropriate Speed Presets

  8. Tap Ok

  9. Tap and tap upload to server
    Note: Upload to server will affect the current show

  10. shows successful upload

Type in the name of your custom fixture type

Short Name
Type in a short name of your custom fixture type. This short name will be used as a default fixture patch name.

Fixture Type
Choose the appropriate fixture type of your custom fixture type in the drop down menu

# channels
Type in the number of channels of your custom fixture type


Note: To get - → Double tap on the button .-

The pictures below show an example of a custom build fixture

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