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Set up the zactrack Puck

zactrack Puck

Connect zactrack Puck to zactrack WIFI

  • Turn on the zactrackPuck with the switch at the bottom.

  • The LED indicates the state (green flashing → connected to network)

  • The zactrackPuck is now ready for fixture alignment

Note: If the LED indicates blue continiously → no known wifi network is found and own zactrackPuck WIFI will be enabled. Klick the following link to configuration_of_zactrack_puck_wifi_network

  • Setup ip address:
  • Recommended ip address:
  • Standard Gateway:
  • Subnet:

    Configuration of zactrack Puck WIFI network

If the LED shines continous blue search for a zactrackPuck network on your device.

  1. Connect your device to the network and wait for a few seconds.

  2. A pop-up brings you to the zactrackPuck config window. (You can type in your browser to go there manually)

  3. Press the Button to scan for availabe networks.
  4. Choose a network by tapping on it or entering the SSID.
    Put in the password and tap save.
    Note: If your desired network is not shown you can hit the scan button to rescan or enter the SSID and password manually.

  1. List of all available networks (Standard WIFI → “zactrack”)
  2. Credentials of chosen network
  3. zactrack Puck network settings (default settings should remain unchanged)

If the configuration succeeded the following dialog comes up:

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