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Set up the LEICA Disto S910

  • Mount the Leica Disto S910 on the tripod mount and the tripod

  • Place the tripod on a position on stage where you are able to reach the origin, the X+ axis mark and as many anchors and cp calibration points as possible with the laser.

  • Level the tripod

  • Turn ON the Leica Disto S910 and open up a WIFI Hotspot on the Leica Disto S910

  • Press FUNC on the Leica Disto S910

  • Tap in the right bottom corner and press = on the keyboard
    Note: If the Leica Disto S910 is connected correctly, the Leica calibration will start automatically now.

  • Level the Leica Disto S910

  • Connect the tablet to the Leica WIFI Hotspot

  • Open the zactrack APP on the zactrack tablet

  • Go to Show Editor and tap Points on the bottom

  • Tap Disto Status

  • Tap Discover to get the current ip address of the Leica S910 Disto and tap Ok

  • The Leica Disto S910 is now ready for measuring


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