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Alignment SMART

All fixtures you want to use as automated follow spots have to be accurately aligned into the defined coordinate system. zactrack computes the exact position and rotation of all fixtures regarding the defined origin by the following alignment process.

By aiming the beam of each fixture onto 4 calibration points, zactrack calculates the current position and rotation.

How to align the fixtures

Using the Alignment Wizard

  1. Tap Alignment Wizard in section “Fixtures”
  2. Select the fixture to perform alignment
    - Press Next

  • default nothing needs to be changed
  • it is possible to use console data to position the light beam
  • as default the 4 pucks are used for centering
    ATTENTION you can move the Pucks to reach the light

  • now the light output should be moved to the desired puck ( 4 times with 4 different pucks)
  • you can see the luminous intensity

  • the system does the auto refinement process
    Note: Please take care that no external influences will affect the Auto alignment

  • after the 4 refinement processes the system is calculating the position

  • if an error occurred during this setup a message will show
    → In case of an error message check: Something went wrong?

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