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Each Zactrack Smart System has 4 different colored pucks. These pucks perform two different tasks.

1. They define the coordinate system and calibrate the system.
2. The inbuilt lighting sensor performs the alignment process. Align

The basic function of the Puck is to define the coordinate system. Each color has a different meaning. The system needs a coordinate system to connect the virtual 3D world with the real world.
This is necessary, because if you stay in front of your stage and you want to move your light right, it should go right and not up. So we normally use the X axis from left to right and the Z axis from bottom to top.

Color description

  1. Black: origin cordinate 0/0/0
  2. Red: positive X Axis
  3. Green: positive Y Axis
  4. Blue: Additional Point for Calibration

To perform the MEASURE process, the four pucks should be positioned as roughly as a square at the main tracking area. With the desired coordinate system.

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